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Using nanotechnology to enhance the performance of LEDs and other light sources

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Lasers go to the dark side

Dark-mode resonators provide low-profile, high Q-factor, tunable lasers.

Quantum ńĆerenkov effect makes graphene glow

Characterizing the location and spectra of light emitted from graphene field-effect transistors rules out other mechanisms.

Single photons set for telecom wavelengths

Carbon nanotubes might boost quantum technologies

Plasmonic nanoparticles boost light emission

A novel approach to produce embedded plasmonic nanoparticles in a semiconducting layer could improve the efficiency of solid-state lighting.

Flash Nano: Plasmonic subfemtosecond dynamics whirl into view

Time-resolved photoemission electron microscopy sheds light on the generation and evolution of plasmonic vortices.

Silicon rods make highly selective thermal emitter

New device produces intense light at near-infrared-to-visible wavelengths and might be used in high-efficiency solar cells.

OLEDs toughen up with low-temperature processing technique

(with audio) By successfully adding a layer of MgO to the protective Al2O3 laminate, researchers improve the resilience of OLEDs to water vapour and gas exposure by around an order of magnitude.

OLEDs benefit from organic electron injection material

An organic radical has been successfully harnessed to improve OLED efficiency and stability for the first time.

First charge transfer between silicon and rare earth observed

Silicon-based room-temperature mid-infrared photodetectors may now be within reach.

Quantum dots tune millisecond fluorescence lifetimes

(with audio) Conjugating organic fluorophores to semiconductor quantum dots doped with manganese ions can extend the fluorescence lifetime from nano- to milliseconds.

Etch masks reach a higher dimension

Researchers devise a single-step process for fabricating etched structures aligned on more than one plane.

CHInano combines research and commerce

With 5000 visitors from research, business and government policy, nanotechweb visits Nanopolis to find out more about the CHInano Conference and Expo.

Making perovskite solar cells more stable

New work might help in the future commercialization of these low-cost, efficient devices.

Single sheet lases white

A chemically tailored single nanosheet demonstrates simultaneous lasing in all the colours needed to create white light.

Taking the heat off silicon optical devices

Pulsed laser deposition offers a cooler CMOS-compatible approach for fabricating photoluminescent silicon nanocrystal fabrication.

Liquid gain makes tunable plasmon laser

Nanocavity device could be used to detect weak physical and chemical processes in real time.

Opals turn atom spectra upside down

(with audio) The natural simplicity of atoms as perfect resonators reveals new optical behaviour in photonic crystals.

Nonlinear signals benefit from top coat

A silver-coated nanowire provides efficient, tunable and directional nonlinear signals for photonic systems.

Striking a balance for better quantum dot LEDs

A quantum dot LED structure that includes an insulating layer to balance charge injections demonstrates greater efficiency and stability.