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Environmental effects of oxide nanomaterials

Stanislaus Wong presents on the role of chemical composition, morphology, structure, size, and shape in the toxicity of nanomaterials

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Using nanotechnology to enhance the performance of LEDs and other light sources

Technology update

Breaking research and industry highlights

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SiLEDs emit multicolours

Devices can be tuned to emit over a range of colours, from deep red to yellow-orange, by controlling size of silicon nanocrystals

Super single-photon source for quantum computers

Highest quality achieved in a semiconductor dot system.

Tungstenite triangles emit light

Glowing 2D material could find applications in optoelectronics.

Nanoantenna arrays go optical

New structures could be used to make 3D holography displays.

Nanothermodynamics improves surface energy measurements

New results for selenium important for variety of applications including solar cells, computer memories and LEDs.

Nanolasers go bowtie-shaped

Novel devices work at room temperature and are compatible with traditional silicon-based photonics.

Emission examined at the nanoscale

"Fluctuational electrodynamics" describes how tiny objects radiate.

Physicists create new slow-light technique

Electromagnetically induced transparency seen in nuclear system for first time

Nanoshells improve solar cells

Hollow structures trap more light

Making efficient OLEDs for flexible solid-state lighting

Modified graphene anode increases work function and reduces sheet resistance

Frequency doubling with nanocups

Novel structures convert red light into blue

Graphene could make 'perfect' solar cells

Metallic nanostructures boost light absorption

Nanowire laser could boost data storage

Developers hope to use the device to study living cells

Plexcitonics for quantum information devices

Promising new system shows "interesting non-linear response"

Nano-antenna fashions charge from light

New device collects light and converts it into a current

'Super-twisted' light swirls into view

Highly polarized light could be used to study biological molecules

CNT lasers come into view

French scientists demonstrate optical gain in carbon nanotubes for the first time

Temperature orders TiO2 nanotubes

Suggested uses for ordered networks of titania include cost-effective photonic elements and micro-lasers

Graphene for all-plastic electronics

New light-emitting electrochemical cell contains no metal electrode

Plasmonic nanostructures enhance light fields

Tower- and pagoda-type composite structures probed using fluorescence technique