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3: Manipulating light with metamaterials

Silvia Peruch and Nicolas Olivier show us their work in Anatoly Zayat's Lab at King's College London looking at metamaterials.

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Using nanotechnology to enhance the performance of LEDs and other light sources

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Thin film provides simple white-light solution

Easy-to-fabricate ZnO nanorod/polyfluorene nanocomposite gives LED makers a low-cost white-light option

Graphene oxide fluoresces blue

A useful result for developers of flexible colour displays

Plasmonic laser puts the squeeze on light

US researchers claim world's smallest semiconductor laser

Angular approach produces excellent photonic crystals

Kyoto University team etches silicon wafers at 45° to simplify photonic-crystal processing

Making graphene in a flash

A common camera flashbulb can turn graphite oxide into graphene

Switching light on and off in nanotubes

IBM result crucial for future CNT applications in nano-optoelectronics and photonics

Nanoscale light source can change its colour

Tiny 'free electron laser' could be used in displays

Understanding nanoscale light emission

Optical properties of nanoparticles unravelled by NREL team

Foxconn patents nanoparticle LED doping

The behemoth Taiwanese company seeks to protect its method for smoothing both InGaN and AlGaAs active layers

Nano-lamp illuminates quantum-classical boundary

Filament is just 100 atoms wide

CNT arrays for photonics

Deep-UV photonic crystals and total optical absorbers are some of the applications for multiwalled nanotube arrays

Lumileds claims double LED brightness

Etched triangular lattices come close to matching encapsulants for light extraction, while side-stepping disadvantages

On patrol: molecular sentinels recognize cancer

Raman scattering nanostructures switch "on" and "off" in response to biomarkers

Nanotubes get fibre lasers pulsing

A broadband saturable absorber based on carbon nanotubes can be used with fibre lasers emitting anywhere between 1 and 2 µm.

Thin-walled boron nitride structure emits in the deep UV

Scaled up nanotube device may suit micro-reactors and compact laser systems

Bismuth nanostructures provide mechanism for automatic switching

Thermo-optical properties tuned by varying the size of embedded nanostructures

Spray-on carbon nanotube electrodes offer scalable solution

Supercapacitors and paper batteries could benefit from modified spray deposition technique

Nanowire wafer tunes over 200 nm

Nanowire technology relaxes lattice mismatch limitation

QD broadband source suits OCT

Post-growth annealing process yields SLED with very flat emission spectra for use in optical coherence tomography

Electric field pilots nanowires into position

AC voltage lines up DNA-coated nanowires for biosensing applications