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Scanning probe microscopy

Sponsored by Bruker Nano Surfaces

PeakForce Tapping™ is the most significant breakthrough in AFM technology since the advent of TappingMode™. By applying a precisely controlled force response curve at every pixel, PeakForce Tapping permits the use of reduced imaging forces, protecting both fragile probes and samples with no decrease in image resolution.

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Technology update

Optical tweezers grab nanometre-sized objects

Low intensity lasers manipulate objects the size of a virus

Far-field optical imaging goes fluorescent-free

Pump-probe technique beats the diffraction limit of light – without the need for labels

Diamond downsizes classical MRI and NMR

Molecular samples detected and imaged at room temperature. best of 2012

Find out which nanotechnology breakthroughs made it into our review of the year.

Lab talk

Seeing atoms under viscous conditions

An unexpected route to high-resolution atomic force microscopy.

Calibrating the scanning microwave microscope in situ

An easy route to quantitative nanoscale electrical characterisation at GHz frequencies.

Improving contact quality in AFM-based electrical measurements

An appropriate loading force is essential in nanoscale electrical characterization by Conductive Atomic Force Microscopy

Plasmonic nanoscope measures heterogeneous nanostructures

Scanning plasmonic ridge aperture senses changes in refractive index and absorption of nanostructures, which is useful for detecting voids or defects in a sample.