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Key achievements and challenges in STM and AFM

Sang Joon Cho, Chief Scientist at Park Systems, describes the company’s early days and some of its most notable achievements.

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Scanning probe microscopy

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Bruker’s Inspire™ delivers, for the first time, highest-resolution nanoscale chemical and property mapping combined with radical productivity advances and uncompromised AFM performance. The integrated, self-optimizing system acquires nanoscale infrared absorption and reflection maps at regular AFM imaging speeds, without the limitations of indirect mechanical approaches or added complexity for the user.

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Tapping into bioelectricity

Combining piezoresponse force microscopy with liquid imaging in intermittent contact mode reveals bio-electromechanical detail

AFM reveals "hidden" differences between normal and cancerous cells

Result will be important for cancer detection and perhaps treatment with nanoparticles

Fluorescent particles map temperature on the nanoscale

Particles glued at the end of atomic force microscope tips provide temperature read-out

Conductive paper made from ITO-coated cellulose fibres

Layer-by-layer (LBL) assembly of conductive indium tin oxide (ITO) nanoparticles and poly(sodium styrenesulfonate) (PSS)

LIL fabricates high-resolution nanostructures fast

Laser interference lithography writes tiny features over a large area in just 5 min including processing

Single molecule electrical junctions with asymmetric contacts

Study examines how contact asymmetry influences the conductance of single molecules in an electrical junction

Double graphene coat is slippery stuff

Two layers of carbon atoms could reduce wear and tear in tiny machines

Saw-toothed sapphire helps build ordered polymer arrays

New assembly technique produces ultra-dense arrays of nanoscale elements over large areas

Nanoelectronics made easy

US researchers make transistors that approach the atomic scale

Slimmer nanorods lead to low-temperature bonding

Integrated electronics team uses copper nanorod arrays to stick silicon wafers together

Nanofabrication observed in real-time

Simultaneous nanofabrication and imaging performed using a high-speed atomic force microscope

CNT cheese wire cuts bio-samples to size

Carbon nanotube stretched between two tungsten needles slices up cells for imaging

Spatial correlations extract nanoscale highlights

Statistical projection methods offer a fast route to managing SPM data

Silicon nanocrystals flashed into position

Conductive AFM tip lays down the foundations for optoelectronics, chemical analysis and data storage

Narrow waveguide strengthens optical trap

Channelling light through parallel silicon bars allows team to capture nanoparticles and DNA

Carbon nanotubes know where to grow

Localized heating guides particles into position during growth phase

Casimir effect goes negative

Bizarre vacuum force is repulsive, as well as attractive

Software speeds up any AFM

Kinematic model allows fast, undistorted imaging under liquid best of 2008

Top five most viewed stories of the year

Integrated LED leads to user-friendly SNOM

Compact, pre-aligned design makes imaging technique much easier to implement