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Watch Davor Sutija, CEO of Thin Film Electronics, describe developments helping near-field communications technology bring brands to consumers.

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Scanning probe microscopy

Sponsored by Bruker Nano Surfaces

Bruker’s Inspire™ delivers, for the first time, highest-resolution nanoscale chemical and property mapping combined with radical productivity advances and uncompromised AFM performance. The integrated, self-optimizing system acquires nanoscale infrared absorption and reflection maps at regular AFM imaging speeds, without the limitations of indirect mechanical approaches or added complexity for the user.

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Technology update

Breaking research and industry highlights

Technology update RSS feed best of 2008

Top five most viewed stories of the year

Integrated LED leads to user-friendly SNOM

Compact, pre-aligned design makes imaging technique much easier to implement

Light moves tiny devices

Researchers have combined nanophotonics and nanomechanics

Nanoarchitecture tunes drug delivery rate

Doxorubicin-loaded parylene C-based patch is easy to make and simple to control

In brief: research round-up

Copper nanoink, electrode pads for CNTs, miniature lens arrays and more...

Nanoindenter passes memory test

IBM's thermo-mechanical probe patterns polymer with ones and zeros at fast data rates

SET array enables parallel probing

Max Planck team fabricates row of single-electron transistors to map surface charge

PhOREMOST maps out future of nanophotonics

EU network highlights potential applications and flags up technical challenges in new report

Nanotubes exhibit threshold toxicity

Living cells tolerate carbon nanotubes below certain doses

Nanoprobes encourage liquid to reveal all

Chemical analysis is just one of many applications for nanoscale corona discharge

SLM boosts microscope resolution

Spatial light modulator increases imaging resolution by 2.5 times to 92 nm

Tiny probe looks good on camera

Evanescent detection scheme opens the door to high-speed imaging of biological samples

Detecting quantum dots in the dark

New technique could enable sensing applications without fluorescence labelling

Obducat gets $12m nanoimprint tool order

Photonic crystal LEDs drive interest in nanoimprint lithography

Gold nanocones prove a point

Field emission displays are just one of many applications for transfer printing process

Gold nanoantenna peeps at proteins

Rochester's nano-optics group investigates biological processes on the molecular scale

Carbon nanopipettes probe individual cells

Mass-produced device makes it much easier for researchers to study cell behaviour

Actuator design offers nanoimprint upgrade

Nanopositioning tool set to simplify ultra-high precision layer-over-layer fabrication

Graphene has record-breaking strength

Material's stiffness is 'off the chart'

Electric field embeds MWCNTs in polymer

Dielectrophoresis is being used to develop carbon nanotube-based tissue scaffolds