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Editor's choice

2D transfers made easy Apr 7, 2014

New all-dry viscoelastic stamping technique does not require any wet chemistry steps at all

Technology update

Chalcogenide monolayers make good LEDs and lasers

A whole new world of heterojunctions based on 2D semiconductors

Nanotube-loaded monocytes treat tumours

Surprising new discovery could help fight a number of diseases, such as cancer, atherosclerosis and diabetes

Gateway opens for tuning diamond devices

Solid-state gate structures bring an unprecedented level control to the state of defect centres in diamond, which may be useful in quantum computing, sensing and applications using single photon sources.

Photonic crystal makes watt-class laser

Surface-emitting device could be used in materials processing, sensing, medicine and for making compact optical systems

Loaded nanostars kill cancer cells

Nanoparticles containing large amounts of therapeutic oligonucleotides make for better anti-tumour agents

Courses and events

Online Postgraduate Certificate in Nanotechnology, University of Oxford

14 Oct 20137 Jul 2014, Online/Oxford, United Kingdom.


2 Jan2 Jun 2014, Moscone Center San Francisco, CA, United States.

Fundamental Characterisation for Nanotechnology

28 Apr6 Jul 2014, United Kingdom.


69 May 2014, Toulouse , France.


1416 May 2014, Santander, Madrid, Spain.

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Nanotechnology celebrates 25 years

Higlights from 25 years Nanotechnology Discussion podcast

Click images for multimedia celebrating 25 years of Nanotechnology

In depth

Ion age transport: Developing devices beyond electronics

Controlling the movement of ions and molecules through nanoscale channels offers a promising alternative to the use of traditional electronic current in a range of medical, sensing and energy devices.

Podcast: Trends in Nanotechnology conference comes to Japan

Anna Demming reports from nanoweek in Tokyo where the conference Trends in Nanotechnology joins the line-up of events in Japan for the first time.

White papers

An introduction to particle size characterisation by DCS

A white paper from Analytik Ltd.

Targeted patch clamping with ion conductance microscopy

A white paper from Park Systems.

ICM Image of Suspended Collagen Fibrils

A white paper from Park Systems.

Cell Volume Measurement of Ion Conductance Microscopy

A white paper from Park Systems.

Your news

Electrochemically synthesised few-layer graphene withstands high-temperatures

Researchers in India and Germany demonstrate an approach for synthesising few layers graphene sheets that are suitable for high temperature applications.


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EV Group (EVG)

Solutions for 3D Integration and TSV (Through-Silicon Via)

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Asylum Research

Introducing the Cypher Atomic Force Microscope – the World’s highest Resolution AFM

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