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Editor's choice

Nanoparticles tackle cancer with heat and 'suicide genes' Aug 13, 2014

Magnetic nanoparticles hunt down cancerous tissue in the body and deliver "suicide genes" to destroy the cells.

Technology update

Multilayer silicene proves stable in air

Silicene has been shown to be stable in air, opening the way to further studies of the new material’s properties and potential technologies that might exploit them.

Triptolide nanogel treats liver cancer

Coated version of naturally occurring antitumor compound appears to be more effective against hepatocellular carcinoma than conventional therapies.

Polychiral CNTs make better solar cells

New devices are nearly two times better at converting sunlight into power.

Nanoparticles tackle cancer with heat and 'suicide genes'

Magnetic nanoparticles hunt down cancerous tissue in the body and deliver "suicide genes" to destroy the cells.

Perovskites make bright LEDs of many colours

Light-emitting devices could be ideal for colour displays and lighting, and in optical communication applications.

Courses and events

NanoScience + Engineering 2014 - Part of SPIE Optics + Photonics

1721 Aug 2014, San Diego, California, United States.

Symposium on SPM and Nanotechnology at the IMRC-2014

1721 Aug 2014, Cancun, Mexico.

Smart Materials and Surfaces Bangkok 2014-Thailand

2628 Aug 2014, Bangkok, Thailand.

Physics Meets Biology 2014

35 Sep 2014, St. Anne's College, Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 6HS, United Kingdom.

Nanotechnology Discussions podcasts

Electromagnetism at the nanoscale

A podcast celebrating 150 years of Maxwell's equations

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Nanotechnology celebrates 25 years

Higlights from 25 years Nanotechnology Discussion podcast

Click images for multimedia celebrating 25 years of Nanotechnology

In depth

Bionanotechnology: Arrays in the future prospects of the field

Nanotechnology’s prominence in modern medicine is indisputable, but establishing exactly how biological systems will interact with nanostructures can be far from clean cut. We look at some of the progress in the field so far and trends that are emerging from the literature.

Carbon and terahertz nanotechnology: A promising alliance

The unique characteristics of both terahertz radiation and carbon nanostructures are encouraging a number of researchers to investigate potential physics and applications that combine them.

White papers

An introduction to particle size characterisation by DCS

A white paper from Analytik Ltd.

Targeted patch clamping with ion conductance microscopy

A white paper from Park Systems.

ICM Image of Suspended Collagen Fibrils

A white paper from Park Systems.

Cell Volume Measurement of Ion Conductance Microscopy

A white paper from Park Systems.


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