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The Royal Microscopical Society at 175 launches the Microscience Microscopy Congress Jul 11, 2014 catches up with academics and industry specialists at the Microscience Microscopy Congress launched by the Royal Microscopical Society as they celebrate their 175th anniversary.

Technology update

Molybdenite defects go mesoscale

New non-destructive microscopy technique will be crucial for optimizing the growth of large-area MoS2 atomic layers for a wide variety of device applications.

Transistors go transient

Temporary carbon nanotube-based electronic devices “disappear” once they have served their purpose.

Halide ligands help make all-inorganic devices

Halide, pseudohalide and halometallate ions go well with semiconducting nanocrystals.

Plasmonic chip diagnoses diabetes

Antigen microarray can detect early-stage T1D and even novel biomarkers of the disease.

Nanoporous oxide makes good memory device

New RRAM might be the best candidate yet for replacing existing silicon-based flash memories.

Nanotechnology Discussions podcasts

Electromagnetism at the nanoscale

A podcast celebrating 150 years of Maxwell's equations

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Nanotechnology celebrates 25 years

Higlights from 25 years Nanotechnology Discussion podcast

Click images for multimedia celebrating 25 years of Nanotechnology

In depth

Brazil’s research investment yields returns at the nanoscale

We speak to researchers in the top nanomaterials labs in Brazil about their work and how it has been affected by recent research funding.

Lancaster University launches Quantum Technology Centre

Centre director Yuri Pashkin and Mark Rushforth from the faculty of science and technology at Lancaster University speak to about the new Quantum Technology Centre, which will be launched on Wednesday 28 May.

White papers

An introduction to particle size characterisation by DCS

A white paper from Analytik Ltd.

Targeted patch clamping with ion conductance microscopy

A white paper from Park Systems.

ICM Image of Suspended Collagen Fibrils

A white paper from Park Systems.

Cell Volume Measurement of Ion Conductance Microscopy

A white paper from Park Systems.


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Solutions for 3D Integration and TSV (Through-Silicon Via)

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Introducing the Cypher Atomic Force Microscope – the World’s highest Resolution AFM

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