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Smooth sailing Jun 12, 2017

Superhydrophobic surfaces with the right microscopic structures could help reduce friction on ships, as CJ Kim explains

Technology update

Ferroelectric domain walls make robust memories

The devices also have a high OFF–ON ratio of around 103 and can store data on multiple levels.

Metafluorophores go multiplex

Colourful and extremely bright DNA-based nanostructures improve optical microscopy.

Simple heating process generates metallic nanowires

(with video) Phase change will encourage new research in low-dimensional metal chalcogenides.

'Leadless' chip improves nanomanipulation

(with video) New chip arrangement overcomes problems of classical microelectrode method for manipulating nanowires using dielectrophoresis.

Graphene nanocapsules improve Li-S battery electrodes

New design overcomes the major challenges associated with existing sulphur electrodes and previously reported di-lithium composites.

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711 Aug 2017, Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom.

Pushing the boundaries in OLEDs

Sangyoon Lee, senior vice president and general manager at Samsung’s Organic Materials Lab describes Samsung’s leading technologies and material design.

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Scanning probe microscopy showcase

        Nanotechnology Focus Collection AFM at Basel indepth web movie

click the images for the Nanotechnology focus collection, a multimedia indepth, a web movie series, and your favourite AFM & STM images.

Nano Futures journal

Nano Futures™ is a multidisciplinary, high-impact journal publishing fundamental and applied research at the forefront of nanoscience and technological innovation.


High-brightness Cs focused ion beam from a cold-atomic-beam ion source

A V Steele, A Schwarzkopf, J J McClelland and B Knuffman

Nano Futures 1 015005

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Nacre-inspired design of graphene oxide–polydopamine nanocomposites for enhanced mechanical properties and multi-functionalities

C-T Chen, F J Martin-Martinez, S Ling, Z Qin and M J Buehler

Nano Futures 1 011003

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In depth

Smooth sailing

Superhydrophobic surfaces with the right microscopic structures could help reduce friction on ships, as CJ Kim explains

The cutting edge of quantum physics

Daniel Twitchen and Matthew Markham explain how diamonds could become a quantum physicist’s best friend

White papers

First-Order-Reversal-Curve (FORC) Measurements of Nano-Magnetic Materials

A white paper from Lake Shore Cryotronics.

An introduction to particle size characterisation by DCS

A white paper from Analytik Ltd.

Targeted patch clamping with ion conductance microscopy

A white paper from Park Systems.

ICM Image of Suspended Collagen Fibrils

A white paper from Park Systems.


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NuNano out the lab: Commercialising AFM probe production

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