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New home for May 18, 2018

Find out more about's move to the brand-new Physics World site

Technology update

New home for

Find out more about's move to the brand-new Physics World site

2017 highlights from IOP Materials

We bring you the highlights nanoscale science and technology research in 2017 from IOP Publishing's materials portfolio.

Non-fullerene organic solar cells show speedy charge separation

Mapping the charge transport in new absorber material combinations points scientists on a different path towards efficient carbon-based solar cells.

Laser-printed anti-bacterial graphene oxide helps regenerate bone

Technique may revolutionize the design of scaffolds for regenerative medicine applications.

Highlights of 2017

From CO2 catalysis based on solar cells to nanoparticle-enhanced antibiotics, we highlight some of the developments that have made the headlines on in 2017. (You can also watch as a movie on youtube.)

Connecting the physical and digital worlds

Watch Davor Sutija, CEO of Thin Film Electronics, describe developments helping near-field communications technology bring brands to consumers.

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New home for nanotechweb

nanotechweb is now part of Physics World, a website that provides award-winning news and information to the global scientific community. You'll be able to find the same exclusive news updates and in-depth coverage of the most significant research and technology developments in the nanoworld that you have enjoyed on nanotechweb on the new materials section of Physics World, along with news about other key topics in materials science and technology.

All our 2018 content has now been moved to Physics World, and the rest of the archive will follow in the near future. If you subscribe to our weekly e-mail newsletter, look out for a new-look materials newsletter that will be sent to you from Physics World.

Find out more about the move, or go to Physics World now.

Nano Futures journal

Nano Futures™ is a multidisciplinary, high-impact journal publishing fundamental and applied research at the forefront of nanoscience and technological innovation.


Size-amplified acoustofluidic separation of circulating tumor cells with removable microbeads

Huiqin Liu, Zheng Ao, Bo Cai, Xi Shu, Keke Chen, Lang Rao, Changliang Luo, Fu-Bin Wang, Wei Liu, Maria Bondesson

Nano Futures 2 025004

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Preparation of silica coated and 90Y-radiolabeled β-NaYF4 upconverting nanophosphors for multimodal tracing

Stan Najmr, Tianfeng Lu, Austin W Keller, Mingyue Zhang, Jennifer D Lee, Mehran Makvandi, Daniel A Pryma, Cherie R Kagan and Christopher B Murray

Nano Futures 2 025002

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In depth

Nanotechnology takes on microbial drug resistance

As bacteria evolve to fend off traditional antibiotics, nanomaterials may play a key role in tackling infectious disease.

Learning from industry

Byung Hee Hong, founder of Graphene Square, on growing graphene and growing a company.


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NuNano out the lab: Commercialising AFM probe production

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