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Saf-Tact Sdn Bhd 06-Dec-2007

Saf-Tact Sdn Bhd is actively supplying the Government & Private Research Centre into engineering supplies and services in Malaysia, especially in photonics & Lasers.

Safelab Systems Ltd 02-Oct-2007

Safelab design, manufacture, supply, install and service a range of polypropylene laminar airflow cabinets ideally suited for use by Nanotechnologists. The new Nanotechnology facility at Glasgow University is currently being fitted with thirty…

Salare, Inc. 01-Oct-2007

Design and manufacture all polypropylene fume hoods (cupboards), wet scrubbers, wet process benches, vertical laminar flow work stations, horizontal laminar flow work stations, Maelstrom™ maintenance free point of use perchloric acid scrubber…

SAMCO Inc. 31-Jan-2014

For over 34 years SAMCO has provided high performance process tools for Plasma Enhanced CVD, Liquid Source CVD, RIE/DRIE/ICP etching and UV-Ozone and Plasma Cleaning.

Sandia National Laboratories 11-Feb-2011

Sandia National Laboratories is one of the country's largest research and engineering laboratories in the nation.

Saudi Arabia Fiber Optic Cables,Inc 15-Aug-2012

<a href="">Saudi Arabia fiber optic</a> distributor and reseller of fiber optic cables,components and test equipment.

Scanning Probe Solutions 18-Jun-2012

Scanning Probe Solutions provides pre-fabricated and pre-tested tips for Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM), at realistic prices. We sell both mechanically-formed Pt/Ir and electrochemically etched W tips.

Scanwel Ltd. 28-Mar-2011

Alongside our vacuum fittings and fabrications we carry a number of product lines for surface analysis and deposition. These include components and systems for SPM, AFM-Raman, AFM cantilevers & calibration, XPS/UPS, MBE and e-beam / effusion cells

Scientific Optical Ltd. 04-Aug-2008

Optical component manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. Scientific Optical has over 30 years experience in the production of high quality optical componenents. Offering design, manufacture, in house coating and assembly of the finished product.

Scientific Systems 02-Oct-2007

Scientific Systems is a leading designer and manufacturer of sensors and instruments for plasma process control and measurement. The company's products are used worldwide by plasma research laboratories and plasma based manufacturing industries…

Scitec Instruments Ltd 14-Apr-2009

Scitec Instruments distributes a wide range of photonic products including: uv monitors, data loggers & probes, lasers & laser eyewear, ir sources & detectors, fibreoptic test products. It manufactures lock-in amplifiers and optical modulators.

Scitec Instruments Polska 14-Apr-2009

Scitec Instruments Polska distributes a wide range of photonic products including: uv monitors, data loggers & probes, lasers & laser eyewear, ir sources & detectors, fibreoptic test products, lock-in amplifiers and optical modulators.

SemiTEq JSC 03-Dec-2013

SemiTEq is the Russian brand which covers wide range of HV and UHV equipment.

Semitracks Inc. 11-Feb-2013

We unlock your company’s potential through public, in-house training and learning management. Our customizable in-house courses can directly address your company’s needs.

Sensorphysics Inc 02-Oct-2007

Beam profilers for measurement of the spatial profile and uniformity of all laser beams. Standard camera/PC based systems for all wavelengths. Installs on any PC; DOS and Windows 3.1/95/NT. Easy to install and use, low cost. Both single monitor…

SFP plus (Austria),Inc 06-Jan-2012

Supplier of transceivers and modules for telecommunications and labs.Austria.

SFP plus Transceivers,Ltd 06-Dec-2011

Supply nano-optic components and high speed laser transceivers. Russia.

SFP Transceiver Factory 25-May-2012

Manufacturer of <a href="">SFP Transceiver</a>, 100BASE, 1000BASE, 10GBASE, MINI GBIC

SFP Transceivers,(France) Limited. 04-Jan-2012

Supplier of optical components and transceivers. Located in Paris,France.

SFP Transceivers,Inc 28-Nov-2011

Supply optical transceivers, micro-optic components and nano-materials,Thailand.

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